Audi is having its best-ever July sales in the US image

The German car manufacturer Audi has announced its best July sales in the over-seas auto market. The Audi Group in US has reported record sales for the first six months of this year, which grew by 15.6 percent to 65.055 luxury vehicles who “found” new customers from January to July this year.

The brand-new 2012 A6 model was one of the best sold cars from the auto maker, with 1.014 vehicles, an increase of 64 percent of July 2010. The popular Q7 SUV’s sales increased by 31 percent over 2010 with 790 vehicles sold, while the R8 supercar’s sales more than doubled, with 57.7 percent and 82 vehicles sold in July. The German supercar’s sales rose by 128.1 percent in the first six months of the year with 682 vehicles sold.

“As demand for the Audi brand in the US continues to climb, it’s clear that Audi is setting the standard for luxury vehicles. We are pleased to see consumers continue to reward Audi for its industry-leading technology, excellent craftsmanship and superior performance”, said the President of Audi America, Johan de Nysschen.