Audi keeps growth pace in February image

Volkswagen’s premium brand Audi has kept its sales momentum in the second month of the year, with a growth of 6.8% on spurring demand from China and its core market region, Europe.

Worldwide deliveries were of 117,500 cars, with growth surging in countries like China, Turkey, Brazil and South Korea. Year-on-year since the beginning of 2014, Audi’s sales went up by 9.3 % to a total of 242,400 cars delivered.

“Audi continued the positive start of the year in February despite noticeable non-recurring effects in important overseas markets,” says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at Audi AG. “In Europe, several markets are gaining stability at what remains a low level. In this region we are already scoring with the new A3 Sedan*, which will also be launched in China and the United States, its two most important sales markets, in the upcoming weeks.”

With Europe’s sales finally starting to grow again, Audi posted a 5.3 increase in the region, thanks to increases in Germany, the UK and Italy. China – which had in February less business days because of the Chinese New Year holiday – Audi posted a healthy 6.9 % increase over last year’s February. Brazil made the headlines internally, with 1,115 cars delivered in February it accounted for a 260.8% increase over the same month in 2013.