Audi magazine now available image

The new “well designed” magazine from the Ingolstadt-based company Audi was released on November 14 and is focused closely on the brand.

“Our goals are ambitious: we want to keep setting the standard in the auto industry with our customer magazine”, said Lothar Korn, Head of Marketing Communications at AUDI AG.

Inside, readers will find a series of high quality photos where the automobile is viewed through an artistic lens.

“Graphically and journalistically the magazine will compare favorably with the leading lifestyle titles”, Korn continues. But consistency with the brand image will remain a key factor: “Products, design, our involvement in sport – Audi provides our editorial team with a wealth of exciting topics. So the Audi Magazine can afford to focus very closely on the brand.”

The worldwide circulation of the Audi Magazine totals 9 million copies, published up to four times annually in 34 languages. The magazine is subscribed to by Audi customers in 70 countries; Audi fans can also buy the magazine at newsstands.

Source: Audi