Audi mechanic takes customer’s S4 home, covers 500 km image

A mechanic working for Glenmore Audi in Calgary, Canada, has taken an owner’s S4 home for the weekend and covered 500 km with it.

An owner of an Audi S4 has had the surprise of his lifetime when he found out that his precious ride was taken home by a company’s mechanic for an “extended” test drive. Chris Jackson, the owner of the Audi S4 in question, has taken his ride to the Glenmore Audi dealership to get it serviced and he left it there. He returned on Saturday to retrieve something he forgot inside it and had a huge surprise when he could find his car.

The 70,000 CAD vehicle was nowhere to be found and he asked the employees of the dealership about the model’s location, but the response was mind blowing: “It’s OK, just go home, your car’s fine, it’s probably just somewhere on the lot. We can’t find it!” But Chris Jackson didn’t go home and he spend some time looking into the car lot three times, without finding his ride. He was asked by the dealership employees once again to go home and after arguing with them for 2 and a half hours, he ended up calling the police. He then found out that his car was taken by a mechanic for an extended period to test the problematic navigation system. The mechanic ended up covering 500 km (310 miles) in the meantime.

Source: CBC