According to anonymous sources, Audi and Fiat are at the core top-level negotiations for Alfa Romeo.

The anonymous sources said that this time Fiat plans to sell not only its Alfa Romeo brand, but also the Pomigliano assembly plant. This means that the plant will begin manufacturing Alfa Romeo vehicles under Audi’s ownership. The Pomigliano plant was built in the 1960s especially for the Alfa Romeo production, but now it manufactures the Fiat Panda.

“We do not comment on speculative rumors,” said spokesman Richard Gadeselli.

Ingolstadt-based Audi spokesman Juergen De Graeve says, “There is no substance in the news.”

Marchionne has repeatedly said that Alfa Romeo is not for sale and instead presented a recovery plan for the brand, which includes eight new models by 2016. But the recovery plan needs money, money which is not there taking into consideration that Marchionne plans to make a new loan to be able to buy Chrysler.

Therefore, if Marchionne will sell Alfa Romeo and the Pomigliano plant for a good price, it will have enough money for the newly born Fiat-Chrysler. Plus, the Alfa Romeo might have a better life under Audi and VW ownership, as some believe.


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