Audi Opens First Digital Showroom in Beijing image

Audi opened its first digital showroom in Beijing, part of the company’s plan to broaden its image in China.

The interactive digital showroom spreads on a 2, 100-square meter (22, 600 square feet) area and is located at the Oriental Plaza in the Wangfujing shopping district. It can display up to 14 vehicles and offers 6 floor-to-ceiling projection walls, capable of 100 million vehicle combinations using the touch-screen tables. The Beijing showroom is part of Audi’s plan to expand its appeal in China and make customers consider it cars suitable not only for company executives and bureaucrats, but also for the young buyers.

“The team has done a tremendous job in evolving the image of the brand,” Luca de Meo, member of the management board at Audi, said yesterday in a tour of the showroom. “You can probably understand the intention to keep going in the direction of positioning Audi as the most progressive brand in the premium automotive market.”

Currently Audi’s private customers account for nine out of every 10 buyers in China, where the company has introduced new SUVs and sports cars, such as the R8 and the TT, to attract a wider range of customers.