As competition at the top of the premium segment heats up between Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the luxury carmakers also try to attract customers by moving into small but pricy real estates located in city centers.

Now, following a strategy also embraced by BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi has unveiled its first “digital” showroom on Berlin’s grand Kurfuerstendamm boulevard, a major shopping street – which displays only four models and at 375-square-meters, is around just a quarter of the size of a conventional dealership.

Still, as European carmakers rethink sales practices and search for new ways to woo customers, Audi lets time conscious clients configure in a matter of minutes cars from Audi’s full 49-model line-up on multi-media screens.

“Staging the brand is becoming so much more important,” said Audi’s head of Germany sales, Wayne Griffiths.

The German “digital” showroom, which is close to those of Apple and BMW, is Audi’s third after the July 2012 opening in London and the January 2013 Beijing launch.

While Audi is just now opening such venues, BMW has already started selling its new all-electric i3 model over the Web and will do the same for the i8 hybrid electric supercar. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz sees its approximately 20 urban brand stores portfolio doubling by 2020.

Via Reuters


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