Audi Outsells BMW and Mercedes in China April Sales on Demand for SUVs image

Last month VW’s Audi managed to post the fastest sales growth pace in China among its German luxury rivals, due to increased demand for SUVs.

Audi’s sales in China increased 13% to 38,710 vehicles last month, while BMW was up 11% to 30,311 units and Mercedes-Benz rose 11% to 16,241 units. Nissan’s Infiniti brand and GM’s Cadillac are struggling to improve their networks in an attempt to attract more premium customers in China and become tough rivals for the German automakers which hold more than 70% of the market. BMW has 23.6% of the market, Audi has 29.6% and Mercedes the rest of 20.6%.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, wholesale deliveries in April were up 13% to 1.44 million units in China. Among the three German luxury automakers Audi is the only one to report double-digit increase for each month of this year. During the first four months of this year Audi’s deliveries were up 14%, Mercedes increased 6.6% and BMW rose 8.6%.

“The trend of pursuing high-end products is reined in, in the whole society,” said Dong Yang, secretary general of China’s auto association. “Also there were too many imported cars last year, which put more pressure on the pricing level.”

Source: Bloomberg