Audi Plans Management Reshuffle image

Volkswagen’s Audi aims at expanding in Latin America, China and the U.S., plan which requires a change of management.

“Against the backdrop of Audi’s ‘Strategy 2020′ it would be negligent not to think about the team line-up,” said Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler.

Although there were discussions about the management organization and restructure, a final decision has not been taken yet. Earlier this month Audi declared that it plans a broader management reshuffle since two executives are to leave the company’s group. Stadler added that Audi plans to increase output in China to 700,000 units annually in the medium term, build a new plant in Mexico and massively expand in the U.S. and Latin America.

The first rumors about Audi changing its management came in April after the company bought Ducati. Stadler declared that Ducati will play an important role in the company’s development of mobility concepts. It is also known that Bentley’s CEO will go to Audi due to the company’s changes of management, but it wasn’t officially confirmed. Audi also encourages more women to join the company since a board post is not based on sex, but on competence.