As Audi tries to surpass BMW is luxury sales, it will rely on its high-performance vehicles such as the 108, 000 euro RS6 Avant estate.

Audi which stands behind BMW and Mercedes when it comes to pricing power, will begin selling top-of-the-range RS models, two years after the automaker introduced the base model, said sales chief Luca de Meo. It took Audi about four years to introduce the RS vehicles to the market.

The RS models, sell for higher prices due to their bigger engines and all-wheel drive, increasing the brand’s appeal. For example, the RS6 Avant, with 560 hp under its hood, will go on sale this summer for a price three times higher compared with the one for the 177-horsepower base model.

“There is very much potential around the world for sporty and dynamic cars,” de Meo said in an interview on Saturday.

This year Audi will introduce a record four RS models: the RS6 Avant, the RS5 convertible, the RS Q3 SUV and the RS7 Sportback. The automaker managed to boost its core customer base by selling a record 1.4 vehicles last year. As Audi speeds up the introduction of RS models it will also improve the vehicles’ resale values, which in turn will help the company offer smaller monthly lease payments.



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