Audi Plans to Upgrade A8 Sedan to Compete With Mercedes S-Class image

Later this year Audi will upgrade the A8 lineup to compete with Mercedes’ new generation S-Class.

The new Audi luxury sedan is to be fitted with new LED headlights, part of the automaker’s strategy to reach a new sales record by the end of this year. The German automaker will also introduce the 4G LTE technology in its A3 models.

Today, August 2nd, the automaker reiterated that revenue this year will slightly increase on demand for the Q5 and Q3 SUVs, as well as the revamped A3 line, which will include a sedan model. Audi plans to surpass BMW by the end of the decade and reach its target of 1.5 million vehicles by the end of this year instead of 2015 as it was previously set.

“We’re investing heavily in new products, developing leading-edge technology and expanding our global production network,” Chief Financial Officer Axel Strotbek said in the statement. “Despite challenging economic conditions, we’re sticking to our goals,” including operating profit at the upper end of its range of a 8 percent to 10 percent of sales.

To take the first spot in luxury auto sales, Audi has to attract more wealthy customers by improving its vehicles’ appeal. The automaker sold 38,600 A8 units in 2012, compared with 59,200 BMW 7-Series units and 80,300 S-Class vehicles.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Don Hinton

    the problem is the A8 is just an average looking car that suffers from the same "me too" syndrome of all of the audi sedans…