Audi Prologue Piloted Driving Concept arrives at 2015 CES image

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has seen the introduction of the Audi Prologue Piloted Driving Concept.

The brand new Audi Prologue Piloted Driving Concept is basically just an updated version of the original but this one has autonomous driving system which is using, just like its brother, the A7 Piloted Driving Concept, a laser scanner, radar sensors, several video cameras and ultrasound sensors, mounted out of sight. All the information gathered by those parts is sent into the zFAS, a central controller which is allowing the model to drive itself.

“The central controller known as zFAS (zentrales Fahrerassistenzsteuergerät, central driver assistance controller) is the keystone of piloted driving. This compact master unit calculates a comprehensive impression of the car’s perimeter based on the signals provided by the scanners, the camera and the sensors”, says the company in its official press release.

The Audi Prologue Piloted Driving Concept stands at 5,10 meters in length, 1,95 meters in width and 1,39 meters in height, with a 2,94 meters wheelbase. Power is being provided by a 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo TFSI engine and an 8-speed e-tiptronic transmission, with an integrated electric motor, along with a 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. The total output produced by this assembly stands at 677 HP (505 kW) and 950 Nm (701 lb-ft), allowing the model to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.5 seconds. The fuel consumption stands at an average of 7.9L / 100km (35.7 mpg UK / 29.8 mpg US) ad the CO2 emissions stop at 185 g/km.