The Q2 is the latest all-new addition to the Ingolstadt-based automaker’s crossover lineup, and it’s also the cheapest of them all, so we know Audi is looking towards younger audiences.

Looking at it from the outside, you’re not going to be the one standing out in the crowd – at least not in a parking lot full other Audi SUVs – and the interior is also mostly shared with the ageing A3. But there’s a remedy if you’re looking to make your presence felt where it matters – aka where you spend most of your driving time, the cabin. This is thanks to German aftermarket specialist Neidfaktor who decided people should be given more choice. This project is actually part of a larger one – Audi Q2 Challenge – where tuners get to show their prowess.

Audi Q2 comes with bespoke interior from Neidfaktor 8

The round the clock timetable has impeded the company to do its finest job – such as cover the entire dashboard in leather like they did on a recent RS3 job. But they did come with something in return – the Q2 is based on the ubiquitous MQB platform, so they decided to snatch the good-looking steering wheel from the TT RS, complete with working buttons. In general, we also see them love the black Alcantara and leather combination with red accents, and the seats also look great, as in inviting you for long rides to enjoy the Alcantara and diamond stitched parts.


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