Audi Q2 goes to the Audi Forum Neckarslum image

The latest crossover to join the Audi family has just been presented on the show floor of the Geneva Motor Show but we’re already starting to see it in the flesh under real world conditions.

The Q2 is now the smallest premium crossover available from German factories and we imagine the model will snatch quite a few consumers that were thinking about reaching out to a mass-market subcompact crossover. As such, it will deliver volume to the Q range of models – though we’re still waiting for Audi to deliver the fool scoop on details and especially price. But fans of the brand can have a go at seeing the model in the flesh because a red Q2 has decided to make the trip to the Audi Forum Neckarsulm where it’s scheduled to remain until May 24. The latest technical details concerning the Q2 see the base model being equipped with a one liter engine that can also be found in the VW up! for example – only this time around it also uses a turbo. With front wheel drive and the manual gearbox the model will tip the scales at 1, 205 kilograms, which is about the weight of a fully specked A1 model.

The base diesel option is the 1.6-liter TDI with 116 PS and both the gasoline and diesel mill are just as “slow” – they need 10.7 seconds to 100 km/h and will top out at 190 km/h. The quickest Q2 that will be available when deliveries start will be the one packing the 2.0 TFSI engine delivering 190 PS – it will reach 100 km/h in a good 6.8 seconds. Thinking about economy and performance – take the equally potent 2.0 TDI that will sprint to 100 km/h in seven seconds.