Audi Q3 facelift presented in England, pricing and new flagship trim included image

Audi saying they have launched the new Q3 in the country – since the second facelift of the model is virtually indistinguishable, will most likely puzzle the United Kingdom customers.

Anyways, the Q3 crossover was first outed on the market back in 2011 and has already gone through a couple of revisions because it needs to go about its business for some years before the second generation arrives. Now Audi UK has decided to make matters simpler and the lineup now only includes three trims: Sport, S Line Edition, and the new Black Edition. The base model is £26,600, while the most expensive version will start at £36,945 – and then you can also start adding the needed elements from the optional catalogue.

The new flagship version, Black Edition, has lots of added kit compared to the Sport and S Line Edition, such as Bose sound system, privacy glass, and nice 19-inch alloy wheels. It also packs lots of black accents inside and out. Depending on the trim, Audi can hook the Q3 to a turbocharged 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 150 horsepower, mated to a six-speed manual or an S Tronic dual-clutch automatic and only two wheels. The larger 2.0-liter unit has 180 hp and the same transmission options, but this time also the Quattro system. The 2.0 TDI has 150 hp and 184 hp and the same gearboxes, as well as a choice of FWD and AWD for the base and just the latter for the more powerful variant.