Audi Q5 still polluting despite VW fix, tests show image

Volkswagen’s technical solution to mend the tainted diesels is not as nearly as efficient as the automaker claims, an European consumer group said.

Volkswagen’s European recall plan of around 8.5 million cars affected by the diesel scandal is behind schedule because the German regulators had to double check the automaker’s fixes before final approval. However, it seems the technical solution for the 2.0-litre diesels does not fully addresses the issue and the Federal Motor Transport Authority rushed in to give its green light. According to the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), some tests made by the Italian consumer group Altroconsumo on the Audi Q5 showed NOx emissions were still 25 percent higher after the removal of illegal defeat device software. “This is another blow for EU consumers and a new dimension of the VW scandal. This test by our Italian member clearly demonstrates that VW’s solution to deactivate the defeat device is not reliable,” Monique Goyens, head of BEUC, said. “It is imperative that the German testing agency who approved the fix, but also their national counterparts, urgently re-examine the solutions to repair the affected cars and that they publish these results”.

VW dismissed calls for offering to European customers similar compensation as in the US, arguing that the two situations are not comparable, as the affected cars on the Old Continent could be made compliant with regulations, unlike the US ones. “This excuse now seems to be built on sand. VW must compensate European consumers. This is the only possible way forward for VW to make up for this ongoing consumer detriment,” Goyens added.

Via Reuters