Audi Q6 officially confirmed for production image

The German based automaker Audi has recently announced that the Q6 crossover will hit the production line, while the Q4 is still under consideration.

After their rivals at BMW will be launching two new crossovers, the X4 and the X2, Audi couldn’t stay aside. Audi will continue to battle the Bavarian automaker in the nearby future too, and the main star will be its newest model, the Q6, which has been scheduled to hit the production line. According to the head of Volkswagen Group design, Walter de Silva, Audi is planning to release a new crossover, which will be placed between the Q7 and the Q5.

“We will definitely launch a sportier crossover in between the Q7 and the Q5”, said Walter de Silva, head of VW Design Group in a recent interview with

The journalists at are saying that Audi will battle the BMW X6 with its Q6 crossover and the company is planning to pass BMW and to be the top-selling brand by 2015. The Audi Q6 is expected to have a low roof, which will follow the lines of the BMW X6, but there’s no official word yet on what engines will the upcoming model get. Besides releasing a competitor to the popular X6, Audi is also planning to rival the upcoming BMW X4 with a new and smaller crossover which will be named the Q4.