Audi Q7 pick-up, for real? image

A picture on the internet showing an Audi Q7 turned into a pick-up by a redneck made the auto media crazy.

Is it a car, is it a plane? That’s the main question, and, of course, we shouldn’t forget a similar design from BMW which kept the front of the newspapers, and  not only, for quite some time.

A two seater pick-up made from one of the ugliest SUVs ever will surely keep, once again, the main headlines in the automotive media.

If this picture is for real and someone wanted to be “unique”, tell him what you think of his “master piece”. And if it is only a bad joke from the Audi Group than most likely will remain in the car manufacturer’s “museum”.

Fans and possible future customers of this pick-up are invited in showrooms to sign up for the new Q7 version. Until than we expect the Touareg similar design. Porsche, watch out! Enjoy!