Audi Q7 spied wearing heavy disguise image

The full-size luxury crossover SUV unveiled in September 2005 during the Frankfurt Motor Show is the first SUV Audi unveiled and has so far remained the oldest in the manufacturer’s line-up.

Things are going to change soon though, as Audi needs to bulk up in order to fight the German rivals – not only Mercedes-Benz and the M/ML Class duo, but also BMW and its future X7 model.

As the premium automaker is hard at work developing the second generation of the model unveiled almost 10 years ago, the spy shooters are also earning their pay – they recently encountered a prototype that was undergoing handling tests around the Nurburgring.

Looking closely at the pictures, we see a shorter front overhang and beefier fenders – and as it was the case with the latest Range Rover, the Q7 will have passed through a weight loss – we expect it to shed some 400 kg. That’s a good thing, as the competition is now very stiff in the segment and the Audi engineers need to take notice from inside the group, as the same process was applied to the latest VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.