Audi R8 ‘Space Ship’: The Ruling Beauty image

When a tuner tunes a car, the first thing comes in everyone’s mouth is whether or not this car is gonna make its position on the hitlist. There should be something that immediately attracts people.

In the same way, if you consider Audi R8’s performance, interior and exterior, the car easily lures one. And to enhance the beauty of Audi R8, a company from United States, Rim Source has set a best promising example of excessiveness.

The company has named this newly looking gorgeous car as Audi R8 ‘Space Ship‘. Well, there is a reason for codenaming this new car as Space Ship and it’s very easy to determine that the car has wonderfully designed interior that seems too luxurious as well as spacy.

Just a glimpse of this white Audi R8 V8, you will easily get hypnotized to have it for at least once. The major draw of this car is the exterior pain that is a combination of white and orange. Some may find it difficult to digest since as per them the white and orange colors does not go hand in hand. However, there are many who simply liked this finished touch which gives a distinct and striking look to the car.






Written by Sunita Mandal