Audi R8 LMS Ultra coming in 2012 image

The German based automaker has officially unveiled the 2012 R8 LMS Ultra supercar which is actually an evolution of the R8 LMS GT3, with its starting price being set at 329.900 EUR or 446.050 USD.

According to Audi, the newest model in its lineup, the R8 LMS Ultra has a new hood, a larger rear wing, improved underbody aerodynamics, carbon fiber reinforced plastic doors, enlarged side blades and wider Michelin tires. On the inside changes are actually minor and include a new PS1 safety seat which should offer improved protection, being mandatory for minimum safety requirements.

“Our customer teams provided us with valuable suggestions and stated their wishes for the various fields in which the car is used. We have close ties to our customers and analyzed their suggestions and wishes worldwide, and subjected the R8 LMS to further development in many details. In the R8 LMS Ultra we consistently implemented all the performance measures which ensure that we’ll be able to continue to offer an intercontinentally competitive and attractive race car in the future”, said the Managing Director of Quattro GmbH, Werner Frowein.

Audi says that its newest creation, the 2012 R8 LMS Ultra comes equipped with revised Bilstein dampers, upgraded transmission, an optimized cooling system and the 5.2 liter V10 engine which is developing a total output of 562 horsepower. The German based automaker didn’t say anything about the supercar’s performance but the R8 LMS Ultra is expected to be delivered to its customers starting from March 2012. The new supercar is already available for order for 329.900 EUR or 446.050 USD.