The R8 supercar from Audi might lose its V8 engine over a tuned version of RS3 Sportback’s 2.5 litre five-cylinder unit.

It seems that the second generation Audi R8 will undergo a serious downsizing. According to some sources, the V8 will be replaced for the base model with the 2.5 litre five-cylinder engine that currently is powering the RS3 Sportback. While 367 PS are quite reputable for boosting a high-performance car, such power is not quite flattering for a supercar. Therefore, this engine will get proper tuning treatment to be a more adequate companion for the future R8 entry level model. According to the same reports, the 2.5 litre five-cylinder engine might receive a welcoming helping hand from a hybrid system, although there will evidently be a fully electric R8 e-tron version as well. With 460 horsepower, coming from two electric motors, the entry-level R8 version will have plenty of stamina to borrow from.

Nothing is certain at this moment regarding Audi’s engine choice, other than the fact the R8 will definitely not get the naturally aspirated V8 4.2-liter FSI as the Ingolstadt carmaker previously announced. The 3.0 V6, the unit from S4, has also been rumoured as a choice. It is unlikely we will have certainty about R8 2.5 liter within one year. Until then, the R8 Spyder will emerge next year with two V10 versions.

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