Could this be the ultimate R8? The R8 never stopped climbing the performance ladder, as the vehicle received a hardcore GT version earlier this year. Now, some rumors are talking about an RS version of the R8.

Spy shots have revealed that an even more powerful R8 is already testing. According to TopSpeed, the spied R8 may be the next R8 RS a supercar that will produce over 600 HP! That is over the actual GT R8 version.

The 5.2-liter V10 on the R8 GT has been bumped from 525 horsepower to 560, topping its cousin, the Lamborghini Gallardo. The GT is only available with the aforementioned R-Tronic hydraulically actuated semi-automatic, and when pushed to its limit, the R8 GT is claimed to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds and on to 124 mph in 10.6 seconds.

The R8 GT costs 193,000 Euros, so by imagine the R8 RS will cost greater…


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