It may be from the first generation of the supercar but it is still one hot ride which has become even more interesting.

The old generation of the Audi R8 used to be based on the Lamborghini Gallardo and it was really a matter of personal taste in choosing between the two. But what if you happen to be the owner of such a model and you are craving for the new generation but you wouldn’t really like to sell it and spend a lot of money for the newer vehicle? Well, McChip-dkr may have you covered with the so-called Projekt Potter & Rich Recon MC8 V10 FSI Supercharged. And no, you are not obliged to remember this name.

This Audi R8 used to be the V10 range-topping version, equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine. Thanks to the tuning company, just about everything from the pistons and rods to the cams has been modified, allowing the unit to produce a total of 850 HP (625 kW), which is even more than what the new generation of the exotic model has to offer. Add the new carbon fiber made body kit to the whole picture and you will get a truly unique vehicle. The cabin has been modified too, the infotainment system has been removed and Alcantara can be found on just about everything. Sadly we have no clue on what the whole aftermarket package costs but don’t expect a cheap price.


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