Ingolstadt’s second-generation supercar has arrived back in 2015 and has since seen the same amount of love from aftermarket specialists as its predecessor did, especially since they didn’t have to work hard because of the evolutionary design.

This means there’s much to do in order to make the sports coupe seem fresh – since the design of the first generation R8 has been around for no less than a decade. Prior Design is here to answer the call and make the mid-engine supercar feel the king of the tarmac thanks to this widebody kit that some may call a bit flashy – while others will feel it brings just the right amount of personality into the German mix. The R8 is rather obvious with one of its largest rears seen in the tuning community, with huge enders joined by an equally larger bumper clad with numerous new vents. The massive diffuser even sticks out, so you’ll know when you’re passed this was not a “regular” R8.

Audi R8 widebody kit comes from Prior Design 2

The tuning house also modified the side sills by adding a pair of air vents – which are also the leitmotif for the front bumper that also gets an add-on lip spoiler. While it doesn’t add to the width, the hood has been changed a bit too, with a new glossy black piece of trim. There are also other enhancements to be made – add 20-inch wheels, get new suspension kits or exhaust systems, as well as numerous cockpit personalization options.


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