Audi Releases Its Final Version of the Super Bowl Ad image

Audi’s final version of its Super Bowl ad was released on the automaker’s YouTube channel this weekend.

Last week Audi was announcing that it will let its viewers decide the end of its Super Bowl commercial after it will release three versions of its ad on the company’s YouTube channel. The commercial starts with a young man heading towards the prom, without a date, but confident as he’s driving his father’s new 2013 Audi S6 high-performance sport sedan.

The car gives him so much confidence that he parks the vehicle in the principal’s parking spot and he even kisses the prom queen. The ad ends as he is confronted by the prom king leaving the consumers to decide what happens next.

Now the final version was released, showing the young man leaving with a shiner from the prom queen’s boyfriend. Still, he leaves with the feeling that his move was totally worth it. The commercial ends with the message ‘Bravery. It’s what defines us’ and it seems that, again, Audi targeted the consumers’ inner-adolescent as it did with last year’s Super Bowl ad, which featured vampires. Now with the Twilight film series ended, Audi chose to focus on a timeless story the high school prom.