As everyone is expecting from Audi to release a new sports car with a “Quattro” badge, the four rings brand is apparently working for an entry-level R model.

Since Audi unveiled the modern reinterpretation of the legendary Ur-Quattro at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in 2013, namely the Audi Sport Quattro Concept, everyone has expected from the Ingolstadt-based premium automaker to have announced a new sports car based on that study by now. Even if there are no news so far, the four rings brand is reportedly still considering to fill the slot between the TT and the R8 supercar. According to the German publication Auto Bild, Audi is currently working with its Group partner Porsche on a new mid-engine model that will be based on the next generation Boxster. Bearing the internal codename PO455, the project will likely spawn into a coupe and spider versions, carrying on the tail an R6 badge. Under the hood, Auto Bild said the newcomer would be powered by a Porsche engine as well, with outputs between 280 and 350 horsepower.

Even if all these are still rumours, the Quattro division and the R models are in good hands, as they are now under the supervision of the former Lamborghini Chief Executive Stephan Winkelmann, the man responsible for the growth and the revival of the raging bull brand. “In the future, the Audi Sport brand is to be positioned more clearly,” Audi’s performance division said in February when it announced Winkelmann’s appointment.

Via Auto Bild


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