Audi Reports Record Sales for 2012 image

Audi reported record sales for 2012 with 1, 455, 123 vehicles sold, up 11.7% compared with 2011.

The German automaker turned over £42.6 billion and reached operating profits of £4.7 billion in 2012, due to the increased investment Audi has made in plants and future models. Audi’s return on investment was 30.9% and its return on sales margin was 11%.

The automaker’s best-selling model for 2012 was the Audi A4 saloon, which sold 216,012 units, followed by the A6 saloon with 214,129 units and the Q5 with 205,986 units. Audi also sold 57,778 A6 Avants.the biggest sales leap was seen by the Audi Q3, which sold 91,841 units from 9,288 units in 2011. The Q7 sold 56,193 units and the A5 Sportback sold 53,522 units.

Lamborghini sold 2,083 vehicles last year, compared with 1,602 units sold in 2011. The total figure includes 922 Aventadors and 1,161 Gallardos. Ducati sold 41,102 units, a record for the Italian brand. According to Audi boss Rupert Stadler, the automaker’s sales have doubled over the past decade and it managed to reach all-time high sales in all its markets. In Asia Pacific sales increased 28% and in North America 12%.