Audi’s brandnew RS5 represents a new chapter in the Quattro sports tradition. The elegant, luxury coupe is unquestionably an excellent vehicle for sport modifications and its Quattro lineage an inspirational challenge for our engineering team. Mtm offers now a variety of modifications for the RS5.

The modified MTM motronic computer makes sure the speed limiter is removed. V-max increased from 250km/h up to 303km/h. The MTM exhaust system for the 4,2 FSI Quattro Audi RS5 has throttle valves in two pipes and can be outfitted with the original tailpipes.

The mtm exhaust systems are developed and tested to achieve the maximum flow-rate and efficiency while at the same time keeping within exhaust emissions levels, a solution that fascinates with its manufacturing quality, design, function and sound.

The mtm bimoto rims with their attractive 9-spoke race design and superior quality impress at first sight. Highlighted with a flawless finish, these light weight forged rims are produced to the highest OEM manufacturing standards ensuring high solidity and a technically precise rotation with a load capacity of up to 780 kg per axle, even in high performance and racing action.







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