Audi RS6 Avant Performance Nogaro Edition is what tuning should be all about image

The Audi A6 is closing in on its last moments of breath as the current generation is preparing the retirement to greener pastures in order to make way for the new one, but there’s still much to be had from the performance versions that were revealed late in the model’s life cycle.

For example, the Performance variant of the RS6 Avant super wagon has only been around since late 2015, serving as the king of the hill in terms of price and… naturally, performance. Its standard depiction is what you’d call fast haulin’, since its biturbo 4.0-liter V8 is capable of churning out – and taking all the family and luggage – out and about with its 597 horsepower (445 kilowatts). From now on though, those looking for extreme performance wrapped in a practical package might want to get the check books out for the new Nogaro Edition, a special version of Ingolstadt’s high-performance wagon made in collaboration with the tuning specialists over at ABT Sportsline.

Hochleistungssportler in limitierter Sonderserie: Audi RS 6 Avan
Better hurry, because a mere 150 examples have been slotted for production, starting at home in Germany from €124,200 – and giving you an individually numbered plaque and the “Nogaro Edition” logo to highlight its exclusivity. These aren’t the only changes, because you’ll get the RS2-inspired Nogaro Blue paint, an array of glossy black accents, black 21-inch wheels with massive 285/30 tires and also an RS titanium exhaust system. And the piece de resistance is hiding under the bonnet, where Audi and ABT worked their magic to get the TFSI engine to an incredible 695 horsepower (519 kilowatts) and an earth-shattering 649 lb-ft (880 Nm). With the new credentials, the RS6 Avant Performance Nogaro Edition will run to 62 mph (100 kph) from a standstill in just 3.7 seconds and then top out at 199 mph (320 kph) when selecting the optional Dynamic Package Plus.