Audi S3 now with S tronic transmission image

The S tronic dual-clutch transmission combines the advantages of a compact six-speed manual transmission with the qualities of a modern automatic. Now , the revolutionary dual-clutch transmission is available as optional on the 2009 Audi S3 and S3 Sportback equipped with the 2.0 TFSI engine.

The S tronic makes the dynamic spearhead of the A3 family even speedier. It further reduces, by two-tenths of a second, the time required to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (0 to 62.14 mph). More specifically, in just 5.5 seconds for the S3 and 5.6 seconds for the Sportback. At the same time, fuel consumption has improved to 8.3 liters/100km (28.34 mpg) with CO2 emissions of just 193 g/km (310.60 g/mile) (A3 Sportback: 8.4 liters/100km (28.00 mpg) and 195 g/km (313.82 g/mile).
Both of these sporty models are now available at dealerships: the S3 for €38,900 and the S3 Sportback for €39,800.

Source: Audi