Audi S7 caught without camouflage image

The new premium sedan from the German car manufacturer Audi, the S7 model, was caught cruising the streets without any camouflage on it.

After the next generation of Porsche 911, which was caught by video camera completely “naked”, this day seems to be all about unveiling future models which are very close to hitting the streets.

If you didn’t see too much from the spy photos of the next A6 and S6, perhaps the S7 could give you a glimpse of what the all new Audi lines are all about.

According to, the prototype was caught on the streets of Europe and shows an aggressive front fascia, a new rear bumper and side skirts, all in the typical S-style. High performance brakes, sport suspension or a four-tailpipe exhaust system couldn’t miss from an S.

The new Audi S7 will most likely get, according to, the 4.8 liter V8 engine which develops around 434 HP and, even though it isn’t an increase compared with the V10, the “race” for saving the planet by less fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions caught every engineer’s imagination.