Audi sees best September sales, but not enough to beat Mercedes image

Competition is reaching new heights at the top of the luxury segment, with Audi AG posting its best result for the month of September – a figure though insufficient to top last month’s Mercedes sales.

Volkswagen AG’s luxury subsidiary reported sales for September increased 6.4% year-over-year to 159, 950 units, while Mercedes-Benz accounted for the best month in the company’s 88-year history – with a 14% jump to 162,746 autos.

Audi has overrun Mercedes-Benz for the second place, behind BMW, back in 2011 and keeps an overall sales lead of 103,494 cars for the January to September period. The difference is smaller though, as for the same period in 2013 it was of 118,110 vehicles.

“Mercedes will catch up further with BMW and Audi in coming months, they simply got the freshest product line-up,” comments Frankfurt-based Commerzbank analyst Sascha Gommel.

According to research firm IHS Automotive, BMW should keep the lead during the next few years, with sales forecast to increase 23% to 2.04 million units before 2020. Audi meanwhile is predicted to reach 1.91 million autos (an estimated rise of 16%), while third-placed Mercedes-Benz will slow its growth to 12% and have sales of 1.67 million.

Audi has imposed an internal goal of selling above the 1.7 million mark for the first time this year, following record 2013 deliveries that stood at 1.58 million units worldwide.

Via Reuters