Audi sees its sales growing 11% in May image

The race between Volkswagen AG’s luxury brand Audi and BMW for the global crown in the premium segment is hooter than ever, after the former managed to pull out of the sleeve double-digit growth in five of the last six months.

Audi has managed a strong sales increase last month, with a rise of 11% to a total of 152,000 units, thanks to surges across many regions, including the US, with the five-months tally of Volkswagen’s premium unit rising to 713,900 cars.

“It’s a tug-of-war for the crown between Audi and BMW and they’re battling it out with somewhat ageing lineups,” said Stefan Bratzel, head of the Center of Automotive Management.

While Audi has been pressuring more and more BMW, the three positions at the top of the segment have been more narrowly spread this year – with Audi closing on BMW for the first four months to just 7,200 units and Mercedes-Benz coming in behind second-placed Audi at 54,547 vehicles.

Last year, BMW managed to keep its first place with deliveries of 1.66 million cars, while Audi reached sales of 1.58 million units and Mercedes-Benz came third at 1.46 million autos. Industry observers that so far the strongest gains for the year are expected at Mercedes-Benz, which has more new or redesigned models than its rivals – including the A and B class and the GLA and CLA compacts and also its S Class flagship.

Via Automotive News Europe