Audi selects Delphi as provider for its driverless technology bundle image

The German automaker, the second largest premium carmaker in the world, has started development of a device that is no larger than an iPad tablet yet packs all the computing punch needed when a car becomes autonomous and can drive safely on streets or highways without human input.

Delphi Automotive has been tasked by the company to have commercial production ready of the so-called zFAS controller within just two years, with Audi disclosing the device will have underlying technology sourced from Mobileye and nVidia. The single system is developed to interpret data streaming in from a car’s sensors, with the task to accomplish various scenarios, from automated parking to obstacle avoidance. It will become “the core of future systems for piloted driving,” according to a statement, adding “the tremendous computing power provided by this solution corresponds to the complete electronics architecture of a well-equipped mid-size car.” Both Audi and its competitors have taken a step-by-step approach towards achieving the ultimate goal of having completely automated driverless vehicles by incrementally introducing systems that can take away at least in part the task of more strenuous driving activities – such as parking or stop and go traffic.

According to research done by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, fully autonomous vehicles might make up a market worth $40 billion to $60 billion in new car industry revenue. The consultancy firm also contends that fully autonomous vehicles will not be available earlier than 2030, even as semi-autonomous features – such as lane-assistance and stop-and-go autopilots are already in production.

Via Automotive News Europe