Audi announced its plans to sell 1.4 million vehicles by 2014.

Audi plans to sell 1.4 million vehicles by 2014, relying on the new sedan version of the A3 compact, which is expected to outsell the current convertible and hatchback variants. This will help Audi narrow the gap with BMW, the market leader in global premium auto sales.

“We assume every second A3 customer will opt for the sedan in the future,” Josef Schlossmacher, an Audi spokesman.

In May, Audi sold 137,200 vehicles, up 6.4% compared with the same month last year. In China the automaker sold 42,140 units, up 16.2%, in the US sales increased 15% to 13,228 units, while in Europe sales dropped 3.4% to 65,500 units.

Last month Audi announced it plans an aggressive global expansion, which includes building new plants in Brazil and the US. Audi AG CEO Rupert Stadler said after breaking ground to the new plant in Mexico that this facility will manufacture 150,000 Q5 SUVs beginning with 2016, which will easily sell in the US and Europe.

“Going forward, a big driver will be the emergence of the luxury market A segment,” Keogh said. “This segment is around 30,000 units today but is expected to hit 190,000 vehicles.”

Source: Autonews


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