Audi sticks to its 2 million sales goal image

According to its CEO, Rupert Stadler, the premium brand is decided to stick to its goal of selling 2 million vehicles a year by 2020, up from an expected 1.5 million this year.

Also, its bid to become the global No. 1 premium brand, the automaker plans to invest 11 billion euros ($14.82 billion) between 2013 and 2015, as Stadler, 50, sees this as Audi’s biggest challenge.

As they announced last year about 11 billion euros [$14.82 billion] in investments between 2013 and 2015, mainly in new products and sustainable technologies, many media reports suggested that Quattro could become a brand of its own.

Stadler, on the other hand gave a swift negative response to this report: “Quattro is our genetic code. It will not become a separate brand. The Quattro four-wheel-drive system is in 45 percent of the cars we sell worldwide. We have sold more than 5 million Audi models with Quattro four-wheel drive, more than any other premium carmaker in the world.”

Asked about the two concepts presented by the Quattro unit in September at the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, the CEO said the Sport Quattro concept has the greatest market potential, as it describes in the best way the genetic code of Audi in terms of design, architecture, power, with its V-8 twin-turbo engine, and future technologies such as its plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Speaking about the 2 million units goal, he said actually it really does not matter if it happens one year sooner or later – as the team needs a direction and a roadmap. Stadler is confident that just like the 1.5 million goal (originally set for 2015), which should be achieved this year, the same will be the case with the 2 million/2020 target.

Via Automotive News Europe