Audi managed to surpass BMW and become the largest seller of luxury vehicles in India.

Over the past years the luxury auto market in India has continuously increased and more and more automakers have been turning their attention to this region. Audi managed to take the first spot in the luxury auto sales in India due to its strategy to rapidly expand outside the big urban centers and also thanks to its new Q3 compact SUV which was introduced last year.

Audi plans to introduce more SUVs to attract customers in smaller cities where roads are not narrow, therefore sportier vehicles are needed. The German already has three SUV models in this market and it will also introduce the sedan version of the Audi A3 in India in 2014.

“For us, first it’s SUV, then sedans and then hatchbacks,” said Michael Perschke, Audi India brand director. “India is a country where SUVs have multiple benefits.”

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have chosen another strategy, introducing hatchback vehicles in India. During the year ended March Audi sold 9,350 units in India, up 43%, Mercedes sold 8,686 units, up 9.5% and Mercedes sold 7,015 units, up 5.4%, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

Source: Autonews


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