Audi surpassed BMW in sales last month, due to a 39% increase in China, its largest market.

In January, Audi sold 111,750 vehicles, up 16%, while BMW sold 107,276 vehicles, up 12%. BMW is the world’s largest luxury automaker since 2005, when it took Mercedes’ place, but is seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep this first position, as Audi and Mercedes quickly come from behind. Audi saw its sales increased last month thanks to its longer-body A4 sedan version which had an amazing success in the Chinese market.

“Audi might take the lead in one month or another this year because of their strong market position in China, the main growth market, but for the full year, I still expect BMW to be ahead,” said analyst Christian Ludwig. “BMW has some product advantages, as they are rolling out the 3-Series GT and the new 4-Series in the volume segment this year.”

Last month BMW brand’s global sales increased 9.9% to 123,276 vehicles and 14% to 28,597 vehicles in China, its biggest national market. Mercedes’ sales were up 9% to 94,895 vehicles, due to increased demand for its A- and B-Class compacts and its SUVs.


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