Audi takes a page off Google’s update strategy image

Drivers have increasingly taken to services such as Google Maps or Nokia’s Here when it comes to car navigation, as timely online map updates spears them the time loss and frustration of detours caused by out-of-date navigation systems.

For many years the automakers and third-party providers have been working to provide navigation solutions to motorists, but for many once the navigation system was purchased that was it – roads appearing or traffic rules changed failed to reach the end user from that moment. But now, with easy access to the Internet, many drivers have opted out of the purchase of a car with a built-in navigation system, relying instead on their smartphone or tablet.

Audi has taken note of the situation and from now on it’s going to be the first European automaker to provide its drivers with online map updates – with the service available right now for the mid-sized A6 sedan and A7 four-door coupe. The Ingolstadt, Germany-based luxury subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group said in a statement that new data for local roads or entire countries would be pushed twice a year and the first five updates are free of charge. Accurate and timely positioning information is also one crucial criterion for the introduction of autonomous-driving systems that can ease the stress of driving in certain situations – such as stop-and-go traffic.

Via Bloomberg