Audi teasing new concept for Frankfurt image

The German based automaker Audi has released a couple of teaser images with a new concept car which will be making its public debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, this September.

Audi is playing “hard to get” with the teasing of a brand new model which will be introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle in question will be a concept car which will be implementing the OLED technology. Each OLED unit is getting two electrodes and at least one of them has to be transparent. These are getting thin layers of organic semiconductor materials activated by low DC voltage, lighting them up. Layers are less than a thousandth of a mm thick.

“In contrast to point light sources – such as LEDs – which are made of semiconductor crystals, OLEDs are flat light sources. Their light attains a new level of homogeneity, and its dimming is continuously variable. The lights do not cast any shadows and do not require any reflectors, light guides or similar optical components – and this makes the OLED units efficient and lightweight. In addition, they hardly need any cooling”, says the automaker in its press release.

The OLED technology will be fully introduced on production cars of the future, soon as the diodes will be able to work as brake lights and turn signals. Rumor has it that the upcoming generation of the A8 flagship will be offered with the OLED technology, but only for the screens inside the cabin. Details on what this teased car will actually be are not known at the time so we will have to wait for the German automotive event to open its gates in order to find out.