Audi tells us that Q7’s 3D sound systems are the best around image

The German automaker, the second largest premium auto manufacturer in the world, keeps giving us more details about its second-generation full size Q7 SUV.

So far the freshly revealed model has been highlighted for its evolutionary design that hides a sleeker and smaller overall footprint, as well as for its more intensive usage of high-strength steel and aluminum that allowed it to loose up to 325 kg. Now the German automaker wants to use its full-size SUV to also establish a new benchmark for “in-car listening pleasure,” revealing new details about the available 3D sound systems found in the upcoming 2015 Q7.

The truth is you’ll have to be a very intelligent geek to understand all of Audi’s explanations, so let’s hear them a little: the systems use a very complex algorithm to emulate the exact environment the song was recorded in, because “when an artist is singing from a stage, the floor, ceiling and walls of the concert hall reflect the sound with different time lapses. Using these different sonic reflections, the algorithm is able to calculate a mathematical model of any recording room.” It also doesn’t take into account the way it was recorded – mono, stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound – the data format and the source – be it online streaming, VHF radio or CD.

The 3D systems come from Bose and Bang & Olufsen – for example the latter’s Advanced Sound System is able to use 11 channels with a total of 23 speakers. The tweaks include four speakers placed higher – to recreate the third dimension – in the A-pillars, a subwoofer that grew from 200 to 250 mm and a new amplifier that delivers 1,920 watts.