Audi to also offer Apple’s CarPlay on its models image

Audi, an integral part of Google’s auto project – the Open Automotive Alliance – has already said it would implement the new Android Auto system into its cars.

Because of the partnership on Google’s alliance, many feared that the premium automaker would only offer the Android Auto system in its cars, but as it turns out, fans of the Apple ecosystem – which by no means are few – will not be left out of the party, as the German premium manufacturer has announced it would also introduce the CarPlay technology. The European customers will get it from 2015 on some of the brand’s models, while US based buyers would need to wait a little longer – until 2016.

Just like it would happen with Google’s Android Auto software, Apple’s CarPlay simply rules out the need to use your iPhone with your hands during driving, as the system integrates its main functions into the car’s existing infotainment system, whle commands would be voice operated.

Making phone calls, playing music, displaying maps and receiving messages would be made either through voice commands or through the use of the car’s touchpad, buttons and dials – all in an intuitive and easy way.

Of the 29 automakers that have revealed plans to offer Apple’s CarPlay, five – Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo – are already moving to introduce models that would use the system this year.

Via Forbes