Audi to build new plant in Mexico image

The Volkswagen sub-bran Audi has recently announced that a new plant will be built in Mexico.

Even if the car manufacturer has officially announced its plans to build a new North American facility in Mexico, the exact location of the plant is still unknown and it will be chosen by Audi AG this year. According to the company, Audi will manufacture an SUV in its new Mexico factory starting with 2016 and the model will be made with premium quality, as the member of the Board of Management of Audi AG for Production has recently announced.

“The new plant will become fully fledged member of the Audi production network and will implement the very latest standards in terms of resource efficiency and production processes. Audi is all about premium quality no matter what the location”, said Frank Dreves in the official press release.

According to the German brand, the new Mexico facility will provide customers worldwide with new vehicles made in the “Audi way” and the plant will “help” the automaker to achieve its sales target of two million units annually by 2020. By building its vehicles in Mexico, Audi can avoid the 10percent duty levied on cars that are made in the United States and shipped to Europe.

There is no official word on what SUV Audi will build in Mexico but rumors say that this might be the Tiguan. In the first quarter of 2012, Audi sold 346,100 vehicles worldwide, compared to the 312,500 in the same period of 2011, a 10.8 percent increase.