Audi to develop BMW 1-Series GT rival image

The German based automaker Audi is planning to develop a direct rival for BMW’s 1-Series GT, which should make its way onto the market by 2017.

BMW has managed to create one of the ugliest cars ever, the 1-Series GT, which was officially unveiled a few months ago and now, one of the company’s main rivals, Audi, is planning to develop an even uglier vehicle. According to a recent report, Audi is planning to work on a BMW 1-Series GT rival, which is expected to make its way onto the market by 2017. The story is coming from Automotive News, who says that the model in question is known internally as the “Spacer”.

Like other future and current models made by the Volkswagen Group, the new Audi model will ride on the MQB platform and it will be based on the A3, sharing some components and engines with the popular hatchback. The new Audi “Spacer” should be approximately 4,5 meters long (177 inches) and it should get either five or seven seats. The model in question is expected to be shown as a concept car in September, during the Frankfurt Motor Show, and it should reach the market by 2017.