Audi to increase dealerships in China to 200 in ’13 image

Audi, the premium car division of Volkswagen AG, will expand its sales network in China from 146 licensed dealerships in August this year to 200 ones in 2013, according to the Audi division of FAW-Volkswagen, SinoCast said today.

Audi performs well in China this year, with sales in September up 37% year on year to a monthly high of more than 15,000 cars. In the first nine months, its China sales reached 108,900 units, up 20%. The full-year sales are predicted to top 136,000 units, a growth of 14%.

Last month, China sales of the A4 sedan were up 53% while sales of the A6 sedan were up 16%. Audi is now on track for a record year in the Chinese market, said a sales and marketing official. The company is increasing its production capacity of its Changchun plant in northeast China.

Audi decided to reach a sales goal of 200,000 cars in China in 2013, compared with 2015 in the earlier schedule. At that time, its sales network will contain 200 4S stores, nearly one-third more than the current 146.

Audi ranks third behind BMW and Mercedes-Benz in global sales, but is keeping a firm grip on the top position in China, partly thanks to the early market entry by parent VW.

By George Gao