Audi to start deep design transformation image

Audi has announced it is working on a range-wide revision of its design language in order to establish a greater variety of design cues for its models.

Audi design director Stefan Sielaff told Autocar magazine that the company was already deeply into the project, which in the end will help better define the brand’s three categories of vehicles: saloons and hatches, SUVs and sportscars.

Each major model family will have a set of individual themes, with Sielaff’s team specifying new design values, such as the slope-back angle for the grille on the three types of models, headlamp shape and body surfaces. Under the acronym “AQR”, where A stands for Audi (saloons and hatches), Q for Quattro (SUVs) and R for sports cars, the design team will have the mission of better defining Audi’s three categories of models.

“We know that some people think our saloons look too alike and are well into a project to change that. We will mainly do that with the proportions of those cars,” Sielaff said. For instance, all Audi saloons will have a more sloped-back grille, while the Q models will feature more upright grilles. “And it will mean differences, say in the way the headlights meet up with the grille; the design details will be different,” Sielaff added.