Audi TT Sportback Concept leaked image

The first design sketches with what is believed to be the new Audi TT Sportback four-door concept have recently leaked out ahead of the model’s public debut scheduled for the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

The German based automaker Audi is getting ready for the 2014th edition of the Paris Motor Show and besides the recently unveiled 2015 TT and TT S Roadster it will also be bringing the brand new TT Sportback. The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet but the vehicle has recently leaked out, in its first design sketches, revealing a future production model.

The Audi TT Sportback is an elegant four-door vehicle which stands at 4.47 meters in length, offering enough room for the passengers on the rear seats. This is apparently quite practical too as it is offering a cargo capacity of up to 850 liters, with the rear seats folded. Rumors are stating that the one-off concept car is taking its power from the 2.0 liter four-cylinder TFSI turbocharged gasoline burner, which is capable of producing, in this case, no less than 400 HP (294 kW). More details on the leaked Audi TT Sportback four-door concept are limited for the moment and will be announced at the French automotive event.

Source: Autozeitung