Audi will bring A6L limousine at Auto Shanghai image

Audi will be bringing its new A6L to late April’s Auto Shanghai 2011, reported today.

China, being Audi’s largest market, has taken kindly to the previous A6L, with its sales figures well ahead of other competitors. The A6L has been reaching monthly sales of 6,000 units. Meanwhile, its global sales exceeded 110,000 last year, constituting nearly half of Audi’s total global sales of 225,588 cars.

The new A6L is banking on an exterior and interior that looks much closer to the A8 than ever before in order to draw customers away from its Munich-based rival. Its appearance at Auto Shanghai 2011 will be the first official opportunity for domestic journalists and enthusiasts alike to see the car.

Back in November, The Audi A6L was ranked first in the “luxury car complaint ranking list” conducted by China Securities Journal and the car complaints network (vehicle 3.15) during November 18-24. Other luxury cars that made the list include the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Subaru forester and Jeep Compass, etc..