Audi will drop manual transmission in Europe image website reports that Audi Ag will drop the manual transmission in the S4 and S5 sport models in Europe.

The report also indicates that Audi will keep the six-speed manual transmission only in the United States, while European models will have only the seven-speed S-tronic (DSG) gearbox.

For the moment, there is no death line indicated, but we noted that the six-speed gearbox is no longer available in some online configurators for Europe.

“They (Europe) lose the manual. We keep the manual! 100% confirmed, although I don’t know what other markets also get to keep it. I don’t want to fear for my life when I leave the office. The manual transmission enthusiasts are… umm… passionate individuals. Save the Manuals!” said Barry Hoch

The S-tronic transmission that will remain available for the European countries can handle up to 550 Nm of torque.


The seven-speed S-tronic is composed of two transmission structures. It integrates two multidisk clutches that control different gears. The switching process between gears takes only a few hundredths of a second and is completed without interrupting traction. It is so comfortable and smooth that the driver hardly notices it.

Today, the tiptronic transmissions from Audi are found in all sedan model lines, from the A3 to the A8, as well as in the Q7 SUV, in combination with front-wheel or Quattro drive.